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Operation: Schwarzenegger

0 Comments 📁 Gaming, Sports, Video 🕔26.August 2015

First things first – we’re OVER 2/3 FUNDED! YES! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! We’re slowing down a bit like all campaigns do, so let’s change up our strategy. We’d like you to share our unbelievable story and try to convince one, maybe two other people that they should join Team USAtoday. If we all recruited one other person, this whole shebang would be funded tomorrow!

Now, on to serious business.

We asked our Twitter followers and Facebook page who they wanted in the cockpit of the Mk.II, and the answer was overwhelming: Arnold Schwarzenegger. We agree completely – he’s one of our childhood heroes! He’s the personification of an American love for guns, and the coming robot apocalypse!

We then realized that in order to upgrade the robot, we’re going to have to take our brand new guns off the Mk.II. So, what better way to celebrate the removal of our big beautiful guns than by having Arnold Schwarzenegger fire the first (and last) full salvo with our cannon and missile launcher?! So we made this video.


MegaFans: we need your help! Tweet our video to @Schwarzenegger, post to his wall, share the video to your friends. The last time our fans shared a video, we kicked off an international robot duel. This should be a cakewalk!

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